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Emperor Charles Ghent’s bogeyman or hero?

Ghent, quirky city, city of the 'Stroppendragers' or noose bearers. How did they get that name?
A trip through the city centre to the Graslei, the Lieve and the Prinsenhof gives you insight into the Ghentians’ nickname. Find out why they’re proud of it!
Emperor Charles or Charles V, born in the Prinsenhof in Ghent on February 24 in 1500, is still vibrant in his city! Some consider him a dictator, others see him as a protector of his beloved Ghent. In 1540 he imposed an incredibly severe punishment on the unruly Ghentian people. They were not willing to pay taxes to sponsor his wars. Voilà.
Do you want to decide for yourself whether Charles V is a bogeyman or a hero in Ghent? Then join us on a quest through Ghent and put on the noose that fits you!
This walk comes in variants: for adults and children together, only for adults and also for school groups. In Belgium, Charles V is enthroned in the curriculum in the sixth year of primary and the third year of secondary school. In the UK Charles V is in the curriculum of Key Stages 2 and 3.

tower keeper

Tower keeper


Noose bearer

Clock Roeland

Clock Roeland

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